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RMLS OREGON LISTING CONTRACT FORM Page 1 of 2 RMLS 12/2008 PROPERTY ADDRESS CITY STATE 1. Exclusive Right to Sell. In consideration for the services to be rendered by the undersigned PRINCIPAL BROKER the undersigned SELLER hereby grants to PRINCIPAL BROKER the exclusive right to sell the property located at the address set forth above and more particularly described on the RMLS Listing Data Input Form hereto attached the Property. 2. Term* This Agreement is effective when signed and shall...
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Okay hello welcome back to artisan Realty training videos this particular video is going to focus on just basically filling out a listing contract for sale, and we're in zip forms right now I pulled the form up already, so I'm double-clicking on it, and it will pop up here quickly we're going to make up some names and addresses and people for this one we won't use specific people, but this is where we do it, so this is a listing contract for sale it's about three or four pages gets a little tricky in some spots, but we're gonna kind of review it all right now, so you can use this as a guide for listing contracts one of the things about any contract you sign with the consumers they get a copy of whatever they fill out or whatever they sign, so I general rule of thumb there, so we are artists in Realty our company address 107 Church Street West Chester Pennsylvania and in this case it's going to be an as the licensee, so I'll put Dan Bernie and my direct phone number my cell phone is 6 100 308 5 6 7 up well this buy list a house give me a call my email address is Daniel J and Bernie at gmail.com company phone is eight hundred nine four eight 801 eight and company fax is four eight four six three one zero five two six, so that's the heading up there the way to get started now we've talked about the sellers here we could have noticed we have an individual seller so if it's a husband and wife we put John Johnson Jane Johnson sometimes there's three or more sellers for example could be an estate property left two three or four different people it could be a corporation as well so in this case that's just two John Johnson and his lovely wife Jane Johnson when I often make a mistake when you assume that people have been awake for the same last thing that could be brother and sister as well so just a thought there sellers mailing address is 100 sick of our way and put that in West Chester PA 19382 okay and the sellers phone number is whatever it is we'll leave that alone and the sellers email straight helpful to have it here seller G this will be your reference point all the time you have the listing to see you know who you're dealing with and what their phone numbers are seller understands the listing contract is trained broker and seller the seller have a listing contract with any other broker so hopefully the answer is no they're if they do you certainly have to check the meter broker to make sure that we know what's going on if there's competing listing contracts or maybe competing obligations to pay Commission, so we want to figure that out, and I want to know about that for sale price there's a strategy if you're going on a listing presentation to leave that blank some people think is a better idea to put a number in there and then if people insist on a higher number then you're going to cross it out and make a big deal about changing it, so they know it's their number and that you're number it'll be important later on in negotiations in this case...
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